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Welcome to the website of the Pakistan Engineers Forum Qatar. This website provides a brief overview of the Forum's activities and Plans. The site contains some important links that we hope would be of interest to you. PEF was founded in 1997 as a non-profit and non-political professional organization for Pakistani engineers and other professionals in Qatar and elsewhere. The primary objective of the Forum is

  • Disseminate technical information by inviting guest speakers or through in-house presentations.
  • Develop programs to deliver efficient and effective services and knowledge to members.
  • Facilitate learning through interaction with professionals from other
  • Build communication and leadership skills.
  • Provide a platform for Pakistani engineers for social and technical exchange in Qatar and elsewhere.
  • Promote social and cultural activities.
  • Improve the image of the Pakistani community in Qatar.
  • Provide a liaison between the members and the Pakistani embassy in Doha.

The Pakistan Engineers Forum (here in referred as PEF) was formed in 1997 to represent Pakistani engineers working in Qatar. The idea was to gather all Pakistani engineers on one platform. The founders of the organization worked out a number of bylaws for its working. Under these bylaws, every second year a new executive committee has been elected who have run the affairs of the Forum. Due to their efforts, there are now more than two hundred Pakistani engineers who are the members of the Forum. The Forum represents the largest group of Pakistani professionals working in Qatar. It has been decided to formalize the governing bylaws into a proper ‘Constitution’ for the Forum. This document has therefore been prepared to formally represent PEF constitution.


The main objectives of the PEF are as follows:

  • To organize all Pakistani Engineers working in Qatar in a professional association
  • To promote awareness/understanding of developments in technology & industry
  • To promote professional contact & networking between members and Qatari’s.
  • To promote the professional interests and a positive image of the members.
  • To promote Pakistani technical expertise and highlight opportunities.
  • To arrange technical seminars for members & guests.
  • To arrange social, cultural and sports events for families of the members.
  • Membership of PEF shall be open throughout the year to all engineers of Pakistani origin working in Qatar.
  • The member shall hold a bachelor’s degree in any field of engineering from any recognized university in Pakistan or overseas.
  • The current members who hold diploma qualification and have extensive industry experience shall continue to be members of PEF.
  • Application for membership of PEF shall be made in the prescribed form, which can be downloaded from PEF website . A current PEF member shall introduce any new members. The application should be accompanied by the prescribed fees and photograph. Approval of the membership application is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  • Annual Membership fee of PEF will be QR. 150/-. There is no registration fee. Payment of the first Annual Membership fee will entitle the member for membership on acceptance of application by the PEF Executive Committee. Membership fees of the PEF shall be amended / altered by the Executive Committee as and when warranted.
  • The Membership shall be valid for the Calendar Year irrespective of the enrollment date. The Calendar Year of PEF shall be January 1 to December 31.
  • Membership of PEF is automatically ceased unless the prescribed membership renewal fee is paid within the time period announced by the Executive Committee. Members who fail to get their membership renewed shall not be allowed to attend, participate and take part in any events / functions /programs organized by PEF.
  • All members of PEF will be eligible to vote and to be in the Executive Committee and other sub-committee(s).

The Executive Committee of the PEF shall consist of the following Members:President

  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • IT / Web Administrator
  • Five Executive Members

In addition, the executive committee shall nominate an “Advisor”. The advisor shall be nominated, based on criterion like eminence & seniority, by the outgoing Executive Committee.

The outgoing Executive Committee shall also nominate all members of the new committee. Names of these committee members shall be presented to the General Body Meeting for endorsement. If any other member presents himself for any of the position, then a ballot will arranged.

The Advisor nominated for the next term by the outgoing Executive Committee shall conduct the elections for the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of PEF and shall handle the management of its funds and shall have the general control, responsibility and liability of all its affairs in close liaison with the President and the Advisor.

All positions in the Executive Committee are voluntary and do not carry any perks. The Executive Committee has the right to modify the strength of the Executive Committee and Sub Committee(s), as it deems fit. However, the General Body of PEF shall approve such modifications. The five members of Executive Committee shall be elected from the following fields:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Trading & Contracting
  • Electricity & Water
  • IT, Communication and Media
  • Civil & Construction

The Executive Committee shall serve for a period of two Calendar Years from the date of elections. Therefore, the elections to the Executive Committee shall be held once in two years. If any member of the outgoing committee wants to continue into following years then he shall have to be nominated by the outgoing executive committee and approved by the General Body. However, no member can stay in the committee for more than two consecutive terms. Any member who has competed two terms will again be eligible for any position after a gap of one term.


The Executive Committee shall be responsible to call Annual General Body Meeting within the schedule period (i.e. a minimum of one meeting in a term of two years). A seven-day (7) notice shall be given to all the Members. One fourth of the members shall constitute a Quorum. Should there be no quorum by the appointed time, the meeting shall be adjourned by 30 minutes and then shall be held regardless of quorum. Amendments, suggestions, or proposals and grievances, if any, are most welcome and shall be forwarded to the General Secretary in writing, at any time, but at least 3 days period to the General Body Meeting. Matters not unanimously agreed upon, should be decided by a simple majority of votes and in case of a tie in votes, the President should cast the deciding vote.


Members may call for an Extra-Ordinary General Body Meeting by giving seven (07) days notice to the General Secretary, to decide any matter of an urgent nature, on a written request signed by not less then 25% of the members, giving the full particulars of the purpose for which the meeting is to be called. All other rules relating to the Annual General Body Meeting shall apply to the Extra-Ordinary General Body Meeting.

The Executive Committee, at its discretion, can convene an Extra-Ordinary General Body Meeting to discuss matters affecting the interests of PEF, Pakistani Community and its members. The Executive Committee can call an Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting at any time with Seven Days (07) notice to all the registered members of PEF.


In case there is more than one candidate for a position, election shall be held by a secret ballot. The elections shall be conducted by the incoming Advisor of PEF (who shall be nominated by the outgoing Executive Committee). Proceedings of the meeting shall be recorded/minuted and signed by the outgoing General Secretary, President, Advisor and the incoming General Secretary, President and Advisor.

The annual General Body Meeting for Elections shall be held on any suitable date decided by the existing Executive Committee

Any member contesting the election of the President shall be a member for at least one year prior to the elections. If there is no nomination for the post of President, it will be the duty of the General Body to nominate and elect a suitable person as President. In case there is no person for this position, Executive Committee shall consider all individual(s) who voluntarily wish to join the Executive Committee. However, this decision of President shall be subject to approval of the incoming Advisor.

If a position in the Executive Committee becomes vacant due to resignation from Executive Committee / departure from Qatar then the President shall nominate a Member in his place. However all such nominations shall be subject to the approval of Executive Committee. In case the vacancy is for the position of Advisor / President, then the nomination will have to be carried out by the Executive Committee.


The outgoing committee shall carry on in office as a Caretaker Committee until the take-over by the newly elected Committee, which shall be within fourteen (14) days from the date of elections.


The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in a month to discuss the affairs of the PEF as and when the Committee feels the requirement. The Executive Committee may appoint temporary sub-committee(s) to assist in organizing specific programmes.


Funds shall consist of the membership fees, revenue from events organized by PEF and sponsorships from businesses and industries. The Executive Committee shall handle funds of the PEF honestly, efficiently and economically. Every Program / Event shall be budgeted and approved by the Executive Committee. Every Member has the right to verify the authenticity of the accounts.

The accounts of PEF shall be audited by a qualified CPA from the community to be appointed by the Executive Committee and a Financial Status Report shall be presented in the Annual General Body Meeting.


Regulations set in the Annexure attached hereto shall be binding on the members of Association until the same are amended, subject to the Provisions of this Constitution:

  • Annexure 1 Guidelines for Election / Nomination as Executive Committee Members
  • Annexure 2 Responsibilities of the Executive Committee Members
  • Annexure 3 Procedures for Executive Committee Meetings
  • Annexure 4 Signatories and Management of Accounts Books
  • Annexure 5 Amendment to the Constitution and its Annexure
  • Annexure 6 Membership Application Form

The Executive Committee shall have power from time to time to make REGULATIONS / AMENDMENTS for the administrative affairs of the Forum in relation to all such matters not prescribed by this Constitution or the Regulations. However, such regulations shall be within the framework of this Constitution and subject to approval of the Executive Committee.


GUIDELINES FOR NOMINATION / ELECTION AS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER The minimum requirements to be eligible for being nominated / elected to the executive committee are as follows:

  • The member shall be a graduate engineer in any engineering field.
  • The member shall be working in Qatar as engineer in any government or private sector.
  • The member shall be able & willing to spare time for the activities of the Forum along with other Committee Members (about 20 hours per month).
  • The member shall be in PEF for at least one year and his membership status shall be current.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESIDENT He shall manage all activities of PEF and take all necessary decisions within the bounds of this constitution. His responsibilities shall include but not limited to the following:

  • Preside over meetings of the Executive Committee
  • The member shall be working in Qatar as engineer in any government or private sector.
  • Represent PEF in all meetings and contacts with government and private agencies Keep close contact with local Pakistani businesses, industries and the Pakistan Embassy
  • Make nominations to fill in additional and /or vacant position subject to the Approval of the Executive Committee
  • The President shall sign all correspondence addressed to external agencies.

He shall assist President in discharge of his duties and to assume responsibilities of President in the absence of the President. He is responsible for overall supervision including co-ordination and co-operation with other members of the Committee.


His responsibilities shall include but not limited to the following:

  • Conduct General Body and Committee Meetings
  • Prepare agenda and issue notice of the Executive Committee and General Body Meetings
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of the meetings
  • Keep record of all proceedings of PEF and file all correspondence to and from PEF
  • Liaise between Executive Committee and other PEF members
  • Receive and process membership applications of new members

Assist General Secretary in carrying out his duties and assume responsibilities of General Secretary during his absence.


The treasurer shall be responsible for all financial matters of PEF. The Treasurer’s responsibilities shall include but not limited to the following:

  • To collect membership fee from all members of PEF
  • To maintain bank account and cash transactions
  • To appraise the Executive Committee of PEF accounts status as and when required
  • To prepare Financial Statement for presenting to the General Body Meeting

There shall be five members of the Executive Committee. They shall be elected from different fields of engineering and from different locations. They will provide a vital link between PEF members in their trade / area and the executive committee. They will take part in all decision-making in the Executive Committee and will accept various responsibilities from time to time as assigned by the Executive Committee.



  • The President will open the meeting and hand over the proceedings to the General Secretary
  • The General Secretary (GS) or the Joint General Secretary will read out the Minutes/Agenda
  • Only those points shall be discussed which are included in the agenda. All other points shall be discussed at the end of the meeting during “any other business”
  • No statement of any personal nature shall be allowed during the meetings. Any misunderstanding or complaint(s) should be brought to the attention of the GS, who will raise the matter in the meeting for clarification
  • The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in a month
  • The Executive Committee shall take any decision by voting, either by secret ballot or by any other manner approved by the President. Quorum is required to approve any decisions taken by the Executive Committee. Quorum is more than 50% of the total strength of the Executive Committee at any time.
  • All points raised and approved as per the agenda, and during open forum should be minuted.
  • Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings shall be read during the next meeting.
  • The Executive Committee shall call an Extra-ordinary meeting only if there is a valid reason and in the interest of PEF.


The Funds of PEF shall be managed by Treasurer and in the absence of the Treasurer by the General Secretary/Joint General Secretary.

The Treasurer shall maintain the Account Books in a proper manner and will ensure it is updated at all time.

The Funds of PEF shall be kept in a Bank Account (in the name of President, Secretary & Treasurer) in Qatar and the operation of the bank account will be on a joint signature basis as follows:

  • 1st Signature President And/or
  • 2nd Signature Vice President And / or
  • 3rd Signature Treasurer(Two out of the above three shall sign)
  • No statement of any personal nature shall be allowed during the meetings. Any misunderstanding or complaint(s) should be brought to the attention of the GS, who will raise the matter in the meeting for clarification

Periodic (monthly) reconciliation of the bank statement of account and the account books must be carried out to ensure no discrepancies occur at any time.

Any outstanding account should be settled within a period of one month of the program. Treasurer should keep chequebook, Account Books and the Account vouchers under lock and key.

The Treasurer will inform the financial position of the Forum at all Executive Committee Meetings. A petty cash of QR. 1000/- (Qatar Riyals one thousand only) should be maintained with the Treasurer for general unforeseen expenses.




If any member needs to make any changes, this must be done in writing, which will be discussed by the Executive Committee and after supporting the same Notice of Amendment shall be forwarded to all members of PEF. Upon receiving the Notice of Amendment, Members can raise their grievances / objections to the amendment. The Executive Committee is required to get every amendment ratified by General Body.



(Ref. website / attached hard copy)

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