Renewable Energy Seminar

Power Generation through wind has a great potential in energy starved Pakistan. Renowned Environmentalist Dr. Uvais Qidwai presented many viable options of renewable energy generation in Pakistan. He was speaking at a technical presentation organized by Pakistan Engineers Forum (PEF) Qatar. Dr Uvais Qidwai is an Assistant Professor in Qatar University. Through his comprehensive research, he presented various solutions to the present energy crises in Pakistan. In his presentation through various statistics and maps, he mentioned that wind power can be an answer to present energy crises in Pakistan. According to wind maps generated by National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL Colorado, USA in June 2007 there is huge potential in Pakistan to generate 346,000 MW of energy from wind. Total current generation capacity in Pakistan is only 20,000 MW through all sources Requirement for energy in Pakistan is huge and Needs additional minimum of 15,000 MW right away. The fastest and cheapest way is to supply mid-sized turbines of 100-350 kW range Session was attended by a large number of PEF Qatar members and other dignitaries. Speaking at the occasion, Chief Guest of the ceremony, H.E. Mr. Zahid Nasrullh, Deputy Head of Pakistan Mission assured the audience that Pakistan embassy Qatar will support all such ideas and invited leading business community of Pakistanis in Qatar to come forward to support such initiatives. He also stressed the need of putting these recommendations and suggestions into reality by initiating some small scale projects in the country. PEF President Nadeem Bashir thanked the presenter, Pakistan Embassy and NECON (sponsor of the event) for their support. He also thanked the prominent community representatives, Pakistani schools officials for their interest and participation. He also lauded the support of PEF members, EXCOM and all the audience for making this event a success and very interactive. Chairman of Society of Engineers Qatar Mr. Mohammad Jasim Al Jolo was also present during the session. Presentation in pictures .